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  • About Our Karaoke:

    Did you know hosting karaoke is where DJ Castle got their start? Now you do! Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about the karaoke craft through trial and error. Since then, we’ve learned how to best interact with the audience and the singers. We always encourage applause for every singer! If needed, we can help a singer with melody or starting key.

    How Our Karaoke Rotations Work:

    • Singers may sing once in every rotation, so that it is fair for everyone – that includes the Host, whom sings at the start of the rotation.
    • Duets take the turn of each singer in that round.
    • We mix in new singers after every one or two repeat singers.
    • Throughout the evening, we will Announce Bar/Club specials, their upcoming events, and sometimes add a little trivia to have the show be fun, new and informative.
    • In-between the singers, we play background music to not have ‘dead air’ while waiting for the next singer to make it up to the microphone.
    • We strive to have the music at the right volume, as to complement the singer, but not too loud to overpower the audience.
    • Our goal is for everyone to have an enjoyable time!

     "It's just Karaoke. It's not supposed to be perfect, as long as you are having fun, you are doing karaoke right!"